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People in Societies
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities


Social Studies Skills and Methods


Internet Resources for History:





Learn about branches of the government here.           Ohio History

Using Wikis in the Classroom


Chronology and Cause


American History Timeline - Students (middle, high)
Timeline of African American History - Students (middle, high)
Digital Timeline of American History by decade - Interactive student resources (middle, high)
Chronology in American History - Teacher tools (high school)
Famous Events Across History Students - HS
Journal of American History - Teacher tools
US History.org Everyone
Guns, Germs and Steel - Lesson Plans - teach through books (HS)



Historical Understanding


Connecting Ideas: The Enlightenment - Teacher tools - (high school)
Best of History sites for teachers - Teacher tools (k-12)
American History timeline activity using children's books  - Lesson Plans
Topics in US History - Quizzes
K-16 Curriculum for American History - Teacher tools

American History Lesson Plans - Lesson plans (by grade level)

Headline History - Students (middle school)
U.S. History for Kids - resources organized by grade level (k-12)
History sites for kids ages 7-12 - Students
History Quizzes and Trivia - (world - quizzes)


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People in Societies


Does Society Shape Individuals - Blog
Social Studies Lesson Plans Galore - Teacher tools (k-12)
The Children's Museum Social Studies Links - Teacher tools (k-8)
Big Apple History - Coming to America - Students (grades 3-7)
History at the cemetery - Lesson plan (3-7)
Race and Ethnicity in the US - Essay
Human Origins - Teacher tools (6-12)




Physical Spaces of the Earth - Download Google Earth (satellite imagery of the Earth)


The Mathematics of Cartography - Teacher tools (high school)
Google Earth - Interactive aeriel maps - Everyone
Google Earth for Educators - Teacher tools
Internet Geography Links - Teacher tools
The Great Globe Gallery - Students (middle, high)
National Geographic - Students (k-12)
Maps and Cartography Resources - Teacher tools (middle, high)
Atlapedia - Everyone
Physical Geography/Climate - Lesson plan (grades 6-12)
The Oceans - Students - (elementary)
The mountains and more links - Teacher tools
Geospy - Students (elementary)
Geography Quizzes - Quizzes - Students (grades 3-12)


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Places, Regions of the World


Regional Directory, folders organized by country - Teacher tools

Understanding Economics - Essay

Interactive Geography Quiz - Clickable Map - Students (g. 6-12)

Regions of the World: Ecoregions - Students (g. 6-12)

US State Department Regional Affairs - Students and teacher tools

United Nations for Kids - Students (g. 6-12)

UNESCO - Teacher tools

Fact Monster World Map - Students (g. 3-12)

Transitions Abroad: volunteer, teaching opportunities - Students (high school) and Teachers
Geospy - Interactive Geography for Kids Students (g. 3-8)
U.S. Regional Maps and Quizzes - Quizzes


Effects of Geography


GeoGlobe Thinkquest, Interactive Geography - Students (g. 3-8)
Geography Links - Students (g. 5-8)

The Silk Road: Theme of economics and geography - Teacher tools

Three Gorges Dam for Kids - Students - 3-6
Geography for Kids - the study of our Earth - Students (g. 3-12)
New York Times Daily Lesson Plans on Geography - Lesson plans (g.3-12)
Human Population Through History - Teacher tools
Human Geography - Teacher tools
Geography Games - Games (4-8)
World Geography Quizzes - Quizzes

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Fundamental Concepts of Economics


Economics Resources for Teachers - Teacher tools

Making Allowances: Where Kids Learn About Money - Students (5-12)

Social Studies for Kids - Students - (g. 4-8)

Rags to Riches - Economics game - Game

Lemonade Stand - Learn to run a business - Students (g. 3-7)

Investing for Kids Thinkquest - Students (g. 3-12)

Young Investor - Students (g. 3-12)

Little Money Bags - fiscal responsibility for kids
Money Quizzes - Quizzes (3-8)
Writing an Economics Essay - Students - high school
Money Games - Games (3-9)
Teachertube Econnomics - Videos
Presentations (Powerpoint) - Slideshare


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Economic Reasoning:


Exercise in Supply and Demand - Teacher tool (high school activity)
Interactive Economics Tutorials - Students (high school)
Monopoly Mini-Game - Students - Game
Entrepreneurship for Kids - Teacher tools (high school)
Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text - Teacher tools (high school)
Economics Lesson Plans - Lesson plans (g. 3-12)
More economics lessons and links - Lesson plans (elementary)
Economics lesson plans by grade level - Teacher tools (k-12)
Kidsbank - Students (g. 3-8)
U. S. Mint - Students (g. 3-8)
Kids and Cash - Lesson plan (g. k-5)
Money Quizzes - Quizzes


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Today's Economy


New York Times daily lesson plans in economics - Teacher tools (g. 6-12)
Business and the economy - Teacher tools, resource directory
Teaching Economics - Teacher tools
Current events, news for kids - Students (g. 3-8)
World Bank for Kids - Teacher tools
Understanding globalization - Lesson plans (g. 9-12)
Causes of poverty - Students (g. 8-12)
Unicef - Voices of Youth - Students (g. 5-12)
China's Economy - Lesson Plan (middle, high)
Federal Reserve Bank for Kids - Lesson Plans
Business for Teens - Students (middle, high)
Making Money Quiz - PBS Quizzes
Money Games - Elementary games


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Theories of Economy


Economic Theories Listed and Explained - Students (high school)

Virtual Developing Country / Zambia - Teacher tools (high school)

Wikipedia - Everyone (interactive encyclopedia resources)
Economics Defined - Students (middle, high)
Social Studies resources online - Students (3-12)
Lesson Plans on Economics for Elementary Grades - Teacher tools (k-5)
Theory for kids - Lesson plans - (g. 6-12)
Teachertube Economics - Videos (6-12)
Presentations - Economics - Slideshare teacher tools


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Principles and Practices of American Government


American Women's History: A Research Guide - Teacher tools
African American Family History Research - Teacher tools
Beginning Research in American History - Teacher tools
Jewish-American History and Anthropology - Teacher tools
Writing a history research paper - Students (middle, high)
Smithsonian Research on American History - Students (middle, high)
American History Theme Units - Teacher tools (elementary, middle)
Sally Hemings/Thomas Jefferson - Teacher tools (high school)
American Maritime History - Teacher tools
Research on World Disasters - Teacher tools
Kids.gov - Students (g. k-12)
America's Story - Interactive for students (g. 3-8)
Teachertube American History - Videos
Slideshare American History - Presentations
Ben Franklin's History - Students k-6


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The Founding Documents


The National Archives - Teacher tools (g. 3-12)

Text of U.S. Constitution etc. - Teacher tools (g. 6-12)

The Bill of Rights - Everyone - Videos (Teachertube)

The Declaration of Independence - Everyone

Declaration of Independence/ Communist Manifesto - Lesson plan (HS)

National Constitution Center Teacher Resources - Teacher tools

Yale Avalon Project, Documents - Teacher tools (HS)

American History Constitution - Slideshare Presentations
Constitution Quiz - Quizzes
Bill of Rights Game - two levels (elem and secondary)

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Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities


Civics and Government


General Civics Lessons Plans - Lesson plans (k-12)


Authority, Responsibility, Power


How to become a U.S. Citizen - Students (g. 9 - 12)

American citizens resources - Teacher tools (k-12)

Elections and Voting Lesson Plans - Lesson plans (g. 3-8)

Center for Civic Education Sample Lessons - Lesson plans (g. 3-8)

Duties and responsibilities of citizenship - Students (9-12)

Civics Lessons - Lesson plans (k-12)

Elementary School Citizenship Links - Students (k-6)

Ohio Junior Chamber of Commerce - Students (8-12)

The Future of Internet Voting - Teacher tools

The Democracy Project - Interactive citizenship for kids - Students (g. 3-8)

Civics Videos - Teachertube
Presentations - Slideshare
Civics Games - (4-8)
Civics Quizzes - (3-8)
Test for new citizens - Quiz


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Social Studies Skills and Methods


Social Studies Research links - Teacher tools
Using political cartoons in the classroom - Teacher tools
American History Paper Topics - Teacher tools
American Historical Association - Teacher tools
Researching in history - Students (high school)
American History Interactive - Students (high school)
Ancestors - Genealogy as History - Teacher tools (middle, high)
Local history in the cemetery - Lesson plan (adapt for high school)
Dig - Archaeology for kids - Students (g. 3-9)
History Through World Disasters - Students (g. 4-9)
Archaeology and Anthropology links for teachers - Teacher tools
Social Studies videos - Teachertube
Social Studies presentations - Slideshare
Social Studies Games - Primary
Social Studies Quizzes - Quizzes


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Hangman - cities and countries
a- Select a category:
Capital Cities Countries

b- Activate Random

Rules of the game:
a- Choose a category.
b- Activate a random word.
c- Guess letter one at a time then push "Enter" button.
- Bad guesses will be counted against you.
- You are allowed wrong guesses equal too the length of the mysterious word.
- The counter down the page shows how many bad guesses remain.
Warning! You only have bad guess before you lose!.
Statistics & Facts
City Capital:
Country's Name:
Population (2001):
Literacy Rate:
Note. The number of Countries/Capital Cities enlisted in the Game is: so far.

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